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How Vesper Started Out

The first settler in or around the Vesper area was a man named Sam Boynton. Old Vesper started to exist when a sawmill and store were erected on the west side of the Hemlock Creek, by the Girand and Drape Company in 1874. By 1879, the first school was built.

The first newspaper reference found referring to Vesper was from 1883, shortly after the town acquired a post office. For twenty years, "old" Vesper boomed and then in 1894, a fire that started in the woods burned the sawmill, 23 homes and the remaining timber on the west side of Hemlock Creek.

In four years, Vesper had rebuilt itself. With a lot of the timber having been destroyed by the fire, the sawmills were not as profitable as they had been, but the logged and burnt-over land was suitable for dairy farming. Dairy farming was responsible for creating new businesses in town.
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