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Historical Documents

General Sites
National Archives - See images of actual documents.
American Memory - Documents, maps, photos and more.
National Constitution Center - How the constititution works.
AMDOCS - Historical texts from 1492 to present.
Avalon Project - Documents from law and diplomacy.
US Historical Documents - Chronological list of documents.
Google News Archive - Search historic archives for articles.

U.S. Documents
Declaration of Independence
Continental Congress
U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
Federalist Papers
United States Constitution
Bill of Rights
Louisiana Purchase
Monroe Doctrine
Gettysburg Address
Emancipation Proclamation
Presidential Inaugurations

Other Documents
The Code of Hammurabi (c. 1750 BC)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (9th-12th Centuries)
Magna Carta (1215)
The Council of Trent (1545-63)
The Decree Abolishing the Fuedal System (1789)
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