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Image Search Engines - Indexes millions of online pictures.
Alta Vista - Searches for photos and media.
Google Image Search - More than 250 million images.
Lycos Image Gallery - Search for online images.
Ixquick Metasearch - Searches multiple indexes.

Searchable Collections
American Memory - Search Lib. of Congress images.
George Eastman House - Many searchable collections. - A collection of 16,000+ photographs.
TimePix - Images from Time Inc. publications.
UN Photobank - 10,000+ United Nations photos.
Yahoo! Picture Gallery - Search by category or keyword.

Newspaper Photo Galleries
Arizona Republic
Miami Herald
NY Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
San Francisco Chronicle
Washington Post

Image Exhibits
National Geographic - Browse the magazine's works.
Smithsonian Institution - Explore a variety of exhibits.

Clip Art
Awesome Clipart for Kids
Barry's Clip Art
Cheryl's Image Gallery
Kid's Domain Clip Art
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