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A letter from Terry Whitmore, Principal


Vesper School is a small school located two blocks to the south of Cameron Avenue which is the main street through the village. Our school is the home of the community’s active youth sports and other civic organizations/clubs. In so many ways what happens at Vesper School is reflected in our small town, as well as, what happens in our village is felt at the school. Vesper School is the central hub of this small community.

The full-time and part-time staff at Vesper School strives to provide the best education available to the students. Although our staff is small we provide all of the academic opportunities of our larger elementary schools in the district. We are proud of the achievements of our past students as they move through West Junior High and Lincoln High School.

The citizens of this small village are passionate about Vesper School when people talk about the opportunities for raising a family in small rural community. When they talk about growing their community, Vesper School is included in the best of what they have to offer. There are so many reasons that families chose to live here or might choose to live here in a small family-friendly village, and Vesper School heads many of those people’s lists.

Our community is proud of their school and supports the activities that take place here. At Vesper School, we really are as our school motto says, “The future of our community.”

Vesper Elementary School
6443 Virginia Street
Vesper, WI 54489
Telephone: 715-569-4115
Fax: 715-569-5300

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